Greece Trip Part 1 – Santorini + Where I Have Been

It’s been forever and a day since I have posted. The true reason is because I would feel like a hypocrite. I started this blog because I wanted to promote body positivity and loving yourself at any size. I have always been a pretty confident person whether I was a size 8 or a size 14. In the past year or so, I have been struggling with a few health issues, including depression, and my self-confidence has not been so great. The thought of photographing myself has quite frankly felt daunting. And of course the depression has affected my motivation to post.

This week, I let my hosting and domain expire, and truly thought about just shutting the blog down. But all the hard work I have put into this, and thinking about why I started it to begin with pushed me to renew it for the next year.  I hope I can get back the motivation and confidence to start posting regularly again, and renewing the site will give me the chance to do that.

Let’s get on to our recent trip to Greece! We decided to go in the beginning of October to 1) avoid the heat and 2) to avoid the crowds. The weather was PERFECT – it was around 75-80 during the day and in the mid-60’s at night. The water was still warm enough to swim in as well – I highly recommend going at this time of the year.

Our itinerary included Santorini for 3 nights, Milos for 3 nights and Athens for 3 nights. This post will focus on Santorini, and the second post will focus on Milos and Athens. We stayed in Imerovigli which is quiet little town between Fira (Thira) and Oia. It is also the highest point on the island, boasting breathtaking views.

I picked this area because we like being in the quiet and both Fira and Oia are really crowded, especially when the cruise ships come in. Imerovigli was close enough to walk into Fira, and super easy to take a bus into Oia to do some shopping, minus all the crowds.

Recommended 3-day Santorini Itinerary:

  1. Shopping/walking around in Oia (and sunset if you can stand the crowds)
  2. Shopping/walking around in Fira
  3. Wineries – make sure to try Vin Santo – a sweet dessert wine
  4. Amoudi Bay for lunch and/or dinner
  5. Akrotiri to see the ruins, lighthouse, and red beach. Eat at one of the seaside restaurants.

We stayed at the Absolute Bliss Hotel, which was beautiful. I will let the pictures do the talking of our view from the room. We got a suite with a hot tub on the balcony, which we used pretty much every night. The hotel includes breakfast that is served on your balcony every morning. It was perfect, and the staff was amazing. I highly highly recommend this hotel.

And the steps we had to walk up…lots of exercise. 

We also spent an afternoon at the Santo Winery which has a breathtaking view. We did a wine tasting, in which they basically give you full pours – definitely not complaining! I recommend making a reservation for sunset on their website – it was breathtaking.

And of course, when in Santorini, you must go to Oia. This is where the famous sunsets and views of the blue capped churches are; however, we had such a beautiful view from our balcony we actually didn’t go there for sunset. It gets über crowded, and for me that just wouldn’t be enjoyable. We did walk around the shops during the day, and got some amazing pictures/views of Oia.

This is a view from Oia down to Amoudi Bay. You can take these steps down by foot or by donkey, and have fantastic seafood. We actually ate at two different restaurants on Amoudi Bay – once for dinner and once for lunch. Both meals were amazing, and you are right on the water. You can also rent a ATV or a car as well to get there. We rented a little convertible for a day, but you can easily navigate Santorini by bus. They come frequently are 2 Euros anywhere on the island. 

Here’s a view from Amoudi Bay, with Oia at the top.

We also went to the famous red beach, and the town of Akrotiri where you can see the settlement that was buried by a volcano, but still somewhat preserved, and later excavated. This is easily accessible by bus, which is how we went. Here’s the red beach…

Santorini was absolutely beautiful. From here, we hopped on a ferry to Milos, which was about a 2.5 hour ride. Stay tuned for Greece Part 2 on Milos and Athens.

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