Finger Lakes and Fashion

Mike and I decided to take a last-minute trip to the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York this past weekend. If you haven’t been there, go! It’s beautiful in summer and fall, with great hiking, food, water activities on the huge lakes, and best of all – TONS of wineries. In addition to the wine trail, there’s also a cheese trail, beer, cider and distilleries sprinkled throughout the region – there’s definitely no shortage of things to do!

We have been to the Finger Lakes three times now, which says a lot since we don’t like visiting places multiple times with so much to see in the world! I am going to mention our favorite wineries (of course we haven’t visited them all, but we have been to a lot of them over the three trips) and of course, what I wore.

Beautiful view from the lake house we stayed in the last time we were there!

Domaine LeSeurre Winery

Located on the east side of Keuka Lake

This winery is hands down our favorite in the Finger Lakes region. The owners, Sébastien and Céline LeSuerre, have worked in vineyards in many different countries—from France to Australia. On their site, they characterize it as a Finger Lakes winery with a French accent. What really sets this winery apart, and the other two I am mentioning in this post, is the level service they provide. These handcrafted wines aren’t rushed in the process and the quality is fantastic, and the people giving the tastings know their stuff/take time to talk to you about the wine. Other wineries we visited didn’t provide the time and care that Domaine LeSeurre and our other favorite wineries did. This makes a huge difference in tasting and buying!

We bought 14 bottles of wine on our visit – it’s just so good! Definitely of note is the 2014 Chardonnay Barrel Select No.02 – amazing!

The weather was perfect in the high 70s with a nice breeze, and I wanted to be comfy. I wore a simple shirt dress from ASOS with lace detail. Shop all looks at the end of the post!

Hermann J. Weiner Winery

Western shore of Seneca Lake

This winery also blew us away – they are known for their Rieslings (and if you think you don’t like Riesling, come to this winery and it will change your thinking!). The Rieslings in general in this region are not the super sugary sweet version I was used to and didn’t like (although you can get sweet bottles if you like that). The dry and semi dry Rieslings are fantastic! What I loved from this tasting was the 2016 Dry Rose – so I bought 6 bottles to take home 😉

As far as fashion, I was all ASOS, all weekend! This fun striped dress is so lightweight and comfy. It is a little wide/puffy, but I still love it!

Weis Winery

Right next to Domaine LeSeurre located on the east side of Keuka Lake

This is a brand new Finger Lakes winery that just bottled their wines about a month ago. The folks at Domaine LeSeurre highly recommended we check out this place. They offer hand crafted German style wines that were simply amazing. There wasn’t a wine we didn’t like, so we purchased an entire case! We were lucky enough to visit with the owners of the winery who clearly care deeply about their wines. Mike and I had great conversation with them about how they got started – they are so friendly and passionate about what they are doing. We were so engrossed in the conversation, I didn’t take any pics here 🙁 I loved the Semi-Dry Riesling, The Heart of the Lake, and the Perle Perle (sparkling wine).

Lively Run Goat Dairy – Farm and Creamery

Nestled between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes

Last but definitely not least, we stopped off the Lively Run Goat Dairy where there so many baby goats – they were so adorable!! And the cheese tasting was amazing – we bought five different types of cheese to bring home with us! I highly recommend making time to check this place out.

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