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For too long, women have been inundated with images of body “perfection” in the media. My mission is to promote positive body image, embracing your curves, and being fashionable at any size. Specifically, I strive to give a voice to the inbetweenie sizes (US10-14), and will share my tips on styling yourself from clothing to hair to nails to makeup. I became inspired to start this style blog after years of being inundated with unrealistic images of beauty. My goal is to publish fashion and style tips for women of all sizes and promote positive body image. Let’s focus on loving ourselves and our bodies together!

So Who Am I You Ask? 

My name is Siân (said like Sean) and I live with my super cute bulldog Tika and hubby in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. (and yes, my dog got first billing over the hubby :)) My full time gig is with the government as a human resources manager. I have always been into fashion and styling myself, and realized in October of 2013 that I have a lot to share, so like millions of other people, I started a blog.

I love to engage with my readers, so please feel free to comment and ask me styling questions. Isn’t Tika the cutest?!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sian Post author

    Thanks so much for the kind words and adding me to your site – I am really glad you are enjoying it! Your site is really great to have a centralized place to find stores that cater to the inbetweenie size range!

  2. Style on the Edge

    I absolutely adore your blog! Good luck with it, it is so needed. There is so little out there in this size range, which makes no sense, as it’s the vast majority of women. I write a FB page and a (non-profit) shopping links blog for sizes 14/16, and I’ve just added you to my list of favorite blogs.

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